Effective, affordable Wills written by qualified solicitors

Writing your Will can seem both easy and difficult in equal measure:
You know what possessions you want to leave and to who but aren't sure how to reflect such within the Will.

We can help.

We'll listen to your wishes, advise where appropriate and produce a documented legacy you can be proud of.

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Your Will

Our primary service is writing effective, affordable Wills for our Clients, written always by experienced, qualified solicitors.

The process begins with a complimentary meeting with a Solicitor where your needs are discussed. This consultation is on a no-obligation basis. In other words, you are under no pressure to use us to write your Will after this initial meet. Instead, it is an opportunity for you to see if you’re comfortable with our proposals including any pricing discussed.

Power of Attorney

Often when a person decides the time is right to consider writing their Will, thinking about a Power of Attorney may also be appropriate.

A Lasting Power of Attorney (or LPA) is a legal document which gives the responsibility for making financial and / or health and care decisions to someone you choose in the event you can no longer make them. We take the confusion from the process and ensure you and your elected person are set up for future peace of mind.


Can I meet my Will writer in person or over Zoom / Teams?

Wills and Probate Law is a firm which aims to utilise modern technology wherever possible to reduce the challenges faced by many traditional firms. We offer face to face, telephone, e-mail, Zoom / Teams and WhatsApp as means of communicating with our staff and solicitors. Simply: we’ll use whatever is best for you.

Will the person who writes my Will be experienced?

There is no legal requirement for a Will writer to be expert, experienced or a solicitor. At Wills and Probate Law, your Will will always be written by an experienced solicitor ensuring you receive the document you desire together with the peace of mind that it is of a quality standard.

If I want to tweak or change my Will after it’s been written, can I?

Of course. At each stage of the process, including after the final draft, you will get the opportunity to digest the contents of your Will and make any changes you wish. It’s important you’re happy with what may be the most important document you ever produce.

How much will it cost to have my Will written?

This very much depends on what assets you have, where they are based and how you will seek to divide and share them once the Will is executed. We offer all new clients a complimentary initial consultation so your needs can be identified and discussed including any associated costs.
Our aim is clear though: to provide effective and affordable Wills to our clients.

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